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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  April 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> that's going to change. that's coming back tomorrow. maybe a little bit later today. we're not going to see the song from anny. we'll let you do that in the privacy of your own bedroom or shower. 50 degrees with rain falling. we'll have rain around through the morning on and off. then this afternoon, improving conditions by 5:00 p.m., 58 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. south and west of town, you've got the best chance of seeing sunshine today as opposed to here in d.c. we've had the rain pop up here to our west and then move right over us this morning. east of town and southern maryland, we've seen a lot less rain than west of 95. a few showers lifting north of route 50 through prince george's county and anne arundel county. still quiet in most of calvert county. the heavier stuff by far, parts of fairfax county, 66 comes in toward the beltway. much of montgomery and howard and up into parts of carroll county seeing a lot more yellow. the rain is a lot heavier.
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270 is a rough ride in. with temps in the 40s, we sit at 50. mid-50s south of town. highs today only around 60. it is 6:00 a.m., we have traffic issues to deal with. here's angie goff. >> you're right about that, howard. we kick off this new hour, the yellow light stays on. we're still tracking that tie- up on the inner loop in virginia. let's take you there. show you the live conditions. we have the crash activity involving a tractor trailer. you can see it right there on the bottom of your screen. causing you major back-ups here because only a couple of right lanes of traffic able to squeeze by. so, we're definitely slowing down starting at the braddock road exit. you're looking from 23 to 30 minutes to make it from braddock road past the scene. moving over to more crash activity, we're tracking, we take you to northeast d.c. michigan avenue at franklin street, the cash out here has possible lanes blocked. crews on the scene. may want to avoid the area. checking on your delays, 66, no incidents in virginia. very slick, very slow from 234 to 28. again from 50 over to 123, 95
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in virginia as well. a lot of headlights, we're tracking them from the prince william parkway to lorton from newington approaching the mixing bowl. 95 to 270, about 11 minute drive. 95 southbound, no problems approaching the beltway. inner loop from route 4, pennsylvania over to the wilson bridge, about a 10 minute commute right now. still ahead, more on that inner loop accident in virginia. that's at 6:12. back to you. >> thanks, angie. >> here's a look at what's happening today. the capitals get their playoff run started tonight. they'll be hosting the rangers in game one. the caps ended their regular season on a hot streak winning 16 of their last 20 games. puck drops tonight at 7:30 at the verizon center. >> president obama will lay out his plan to reduce the federal deficit. he will announce it in a speech this afternoon at george washington university. the president is expected to call for changes to both medicare and medicaid and push for tax increases to the
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wealthy. >> however, before the president heads to gw, he will be hosting house and senate leaders from both parties at the white house. he will give them a preview of his speech and his new fiscal policy. the meeting cops as congress begins to debate the budget for next year and whether or not it is well to raise the country's debt limit. >> the president's proposal is vastly different from the one republican congressman paul ryan unveiled last week. >> that plan trims more than $5 trillion from the deficit and does so through steep cuts in programs including medicare. it also lowers taxes for high income earners. experts say that proposal could help the president. >> in a sense, the president needed paul ryan's house budget plan to use as a foil for his own argument about what government should do. what government priorities are. he will say that the ryan plan does not match up with american values. >> we'll have full coverage of the president's speech from george washington university tonight starting on 9news now at 5:00 p.m. >> mayor gray and the others
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gathered in front of planned parenthood headquarters tuesday. the demonstration followed the mayor's arrest monday in protest against the abortion ban and student voucher program attached to the federal budget compromise. mayor gray and 40 others were led away in handcuffs after refusing to leave the street in front of the office building. our bruce johnson caught up with the mayor at planned parenthood. >> what do you expect to come of this? will you do it again if need be? >> i certainly will. we recognize that just doing this on one occasion won't make any difference in the long run. >> the mayor is also suggesting d.c. residents work through churches and civic groups to push back against those riders attached to the federal budget compromise. >> now, while mayor gray and the city council are upset about what congress took out, the budget did not kill everything for the district. that includes a plan to have d.c. be the first jurisdiction in the nation to allow internet
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gambling. congress chose not to post the measure. it does require all of that gaming to be done within the district even though it is online. the d.c. lottery commission could launch the system as early as this summer. >> budget deal in congress includes money for local transportation projects in the area. more than $300 million will go to expand roads around fort belvoir and the naval medical center in bethesda. both of those facilities are gaining personnel as part of the base realignment plan. metro will get $150 million for safety upgrades in the plan. >> the debate over where to put the metro station may not be over afterall. last week, the met metropolitan airport association says they won't pay for that. surae chinn joins us with the story. >> good morning, mike, andrea. they're refusing to pay for this extra cost. $300 million. it will take to build this underground metro station here at dulles airport.
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it brings you 600 feet closer to the terminal and keeps out of the elements such as on a rainy day like today. local leaders say they can't take on the burden. it is too costly and it is not worth it, they say. it is pitting the state and local leaders against mwaa and last week, mwaa voted on the pricier option to build the station underground. it would be closer but now fairfax and loudoun county leaders along with virginia's transportation secretary have come together and say they're not going to pay for the extra cost and says this letter in part, it reads we cannot and will not fund the additional cost of the tunnel alternative in dulles airport. when an alternative which is much less expensive and can be constructed with less risk and in a shorter period of time, exists. well, the airport authority does have the authority and the final decision making power that $3.5 billion project is
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supposed to be completed in 2017. we'll see what mwaa responds to. mike, andrea. can they choose for them to pay? >> mwaa could decide to keep on this option of building underground at dulles airport. but the problem with this option would mean there would be no stops in fairfax and loudoun counties, something that folks don't want to have happen. but also, it will increase tollbooth revenue. also, the tolls would increase something probably drivers wouldn't want to see either. mike? >> sounds exciting and it is not going to be finished for awhile. thank you, surae live at dulles. >> time for another your money report of the morning. >> jessica has the day off but we have some of the business headlines for you. toyota is apparently stopping production at five of its european plants for eight days. that's because they can't get parts from -- there is a parts
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shortage after the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan. the shutdown is being planned around public school holidays to make it easier for employees. meanwhile, production at toyota factories in japan is expected to restart as soon as next week. mike and i have one of these but cisco has announced it will no longer make the popular flip video cameras. experts say it revolutionized the way people shot home video but improved video cameras and smart phones made the flip less popular. the move is part of cisco's larger plan to exit several of its consumers businesses. if verizon is your smart phone, say good-bye to the short-term contract. the company announced it will do away with the one-year option. starting next sunday. it is doing so because the majority of the customers choose the two year plans anyway. they plan to keep the contract- free month to month plan available. >> for more your money news, go to and click on feature and look for the morning show. a quick reminder to drivers
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this morning who use constitution avenue, work on that road is scheduled to begin in just over 20 minutes. the national park service is making improvements to 15th and 23rd streets. the work includes repairs to the curb, sidewalks and pavement there. will never be a total shutdown but drivers should expect traffic delays. they may get a break because of the soggy weather today. 9 after the hour. we'll have more news and weather and more traffic just ahead. but coming up at 6:13, another tsa pat-down video creates a stir across the country. see what passengers have to say about the search of a child. >> the caps kick off the playoffs at verizon center. we'll have a preview of game one. >> at 6:47, gas prices continue to rise. how can you make sure you're really getting what you pay for? we'll tell you how to make sure the gallon you buy is really a gallon.  çñ
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hazy. it is 6:12 on this soggy wednesday morning. temperatures running in the upper 40s and low 50s. we'll have lesser chances for rain. diminishing showers midday. by this afternoon, a glimpse of sun. 3:00 temp, 57 with a northwest wind at 13. about the same at 6:00 p.m.
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highs today around 60. better days thursday and friday. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. angie has a look at your wednesday commute. >> thank you, howard. beltway alert on the inner loop at route 50, arlington boulevard, the accident now only blocks one left lane. we're still stacked and still slow from braddock road. about a 25 minute commute to get past the scene. more accidents to avoid in this area. 6:19, our next traffic report. now back to you. >> here's what's making news this morning. police in new york say a mother drove her minivan into the hudson river last night, killing herself and three of her young children. this was north of new york city in newburg, a fourth child was let out of the car and he alerted firefighters. authorities found the van in eight to ten feet of water and everyone inside had died. police are looking into a domestic disturbance involving the family just before the crash. egyptian prosecutors say ousted president hosni mubarak and his two sons are being investigated for corruption and
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abuse of authority. the three are now being held for 15 days during the probe. mubarak was taken to the hospital yesterday with heart problems after he was questioned by prosecutors. >> flights are now landing once again in japan. the first flight in over a month touched down there this morning. last month's tsunami swamped the airport's runways and washed away cars and planes at the terminal. this is the video that has everyone talking. it is of a 6-year-old girl undergoing a thorough airport screening pat-down in new orleans. >> the images you're about to see have really stirred up controversy all over the country. now, the aclu is involved. ken molestina went to reagan airport to find out what passengers here think about it. >> now that this video has given so many people reason to talk, we decided to show it to folks here at reagan international airport and see what they thought about it. >> reporter: the sounds and images of this confused little girl caused travelers we spoke to at reagan national to
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cringe. >> that's going too far. >> the video of this unidentified 6-year-old was taken at armstrong international airport in new orleans. the child, as you can see, is receiving an intensive pat-down by the tsa screener as her mother watches. >> i would never let my child go through customs and let them do that to her. never! >> this mother of a 6-year-old girl says she's deeply disturbed by the images. another mother echoed the same sentiments. >> i understand touching lightly but sticking her hand in the front of her pant sass little too much. >> the debate over whether the screener went too far, has outraged so many that now the aclu is now involved. >> a child who is audibly complaining i don't want to do this should at the very least have been given privacy. >> the tsa maintains children have been used to carry explosives in some places and they have to be subject to the same restrictions as adults in order to ensure safety. however, the explanation isn't sitting well with everyone. >> that's something that most
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parents don't even do to their kids. i can't believe they touched her in those places. >> they're not doing it to us. they shouldn't be touching the kids like that. >> the sentiment among the people we spoke to is how far are the screenings going to go? ken molestina, 9news now. >> our facebook page is full of comments on this video. >> bethany taylor says the search was wrong. she said why in the world did they feel the need to pat her down. i would definitely not let that happen. they can scan my kids before they ever touch them. >> ernestine says it looks wrong but a person wants to hurt the u.s.a. will go to any extremes. i feel it is better to allow the search than to allow people to die because the tsa did not search the child. you can go to our facebook page to add your comments. >> really weird just watching her go through the child's hair the way she kept going through it.
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you can see why people are upset over this. >> howard is here and you know, we're just going to accept the weather the way it is today. >> like we ever have a choice. >> we have no choice. >> be prepared, you'll be ok. >> rain jackets, rain gear. this afternoon, things will improve slowly. maybe even seeing a glimmer or two of sunshine. tomorrow and friday, much more excited about what we're going to see here for those two days. then the weekend is kind of mixed. this up and down ride continues. this morning, we've got rain out there. want to show you the waves of rain we've been dealing with from time to time. we've been going several hours dry, several hours wet. some of the area now hasn't seen much. southern maryland saying what rain? here in the metropolitan area, especially north and west of town, we've seen quite a bit of rain this morning. here's live doppler 9000 hd, still mainly west of i-95. we're seeing most of the rain. there have been showers.
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your eyes clearly drawn to the yellows. some of the orange and the heavy rains pushing through areas of montgomery county, fairfax county, howard county and up toward carroll county this morning. look at the central montgomery county, germantown up 270 up toward boyds and clarksburg now out toward laytonsville. new hampshire avenue, colesville out of silver spring. that's been tracking up toward glen oak. columbia has been too far east to see the heaviest rain. there have been lighter showers over there. in fairfax county, also, we've talked about some of the rain falling there. it is really getting a lot lighter down toward springfield and annandale but mclean still dealing with some of the heavy rainfall there from vienna north out toward reston and great falls. south of town, we're still dealing with the lighter showers now down 95 across areas of prince william and fauquier counties and down toward spotsylvania and frederick as well. so, your bus stop forecast, it is chilly.
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it is showery in spots. temperatures mid-40s to the lower 50s. sun is up in about 20 minutes. then as we look at the day planner today. we've got the better chance for rain this morning. 53. noontime temp, 55. as we head toward 5:00 p.m., 58 degrees with a northwesterly wind at 13 miles per hour. in fact, the winds will be a little breezy. we won't warm up a lot. 40s today. to 50 in town. 55 in fredericksburg with reagan national officially reporting 50 degrees and light rain and the dew point 49. it is humid. it is wet. the best hope we have will be late today for a little bit of sunshine. more so tomorrow and friday. mainly morning showers. near 60. some spots south and west, low 60s. tomorrow, near 70. friday looks good also. mid-60s, a few more clouds. rain, maybe thunder on saturday. that should get out of here real early on sunday. sunday turns out to be ok along with monday and tuesday when we
6:20 am
get back toward 80. here is angie goff with your timesaver traffic. >> 80 seems so far away. hope you're off to a great start. yellow light stays on. we're dealing with the wet roads and problems out on the capital beltway. the inner loop at route 50, things are improving. we're only losing the left lane due to this crash activity. you can see drivers getting by. as a result of that earlier crash activity, we're still slow from braddock road looking at 23 minutes. i'm getting word of an outer loop accident near the gw parkway. let's shift gears and take you to 267. this is headed eastbound at route 28. it is off to the shoulder. so lanes get by. on the outer loop north of the district, there is an accident off to the left shoulder between georgia avenue and connecticut. and then our main is from 95 over to georgia. very slick out there. this morning, you'll want to watch your speed and watch the spray. over to d.c. we go. northeast michigan avenue at
6:21 am
franklin street. possible lanes blocked because of a crash. meanwhile on 66, we're incident free. you can see here we're in the yellow to the beltway, about 15 minutes. 95 not doing too bad. still moving at a good pace approaching the 11th street bridge. in my next traffic report at 6:26. >> the nationals hosted the top team in the n. l. east last night. how would they fare? we have highlights next. >> they're highlights. plus, the caps kick off their playoff run. we have a preview of game one at the verizon center coming up. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice.
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>> some areas seeing moderate rains. that's pulling off toward howard county. other areas south and east are fairly quiet this morning. we'll see the trend for the showers diminishing as we head toward 9:00, lesser action. going toward midday, maybe up toward baltimore and southern maryland, a few showers. mostly cloudy in the mid-50s. this afternoon as we make a run toward 60, a few glimmers of sunshine. improving weather tomorrow and friday. we'll have more coming up. right now, here's mike. >> thank you, howard. last night, the nationals hosted what a lot of people consider probably the best pitching rotation in baseball to the philadelphia phillies. they did it without zimmerman and laroche. >> that didn't stand in the way of the nats coming up with a huge win. jayson werth took it to his old team last night. the former philly homered and scored twice. while on the mound, nationals starter livan hernandez allowed one run as the nationals beat
6:26 am
the phillies 7-4. >> you go, nats! >> to the ice now, the caps open the playoffs tonight at verizon center. coach boudreau has named the keeper. he won 27 games this year giving his coach full confidence as his rookie goalie. >> don't be nervous. you're the best guy when you come to training camp. you have played in four months. you should be fine. >> it means a lot to me. being number one goally for the first game in the playoffs. >> good luck. brett haber will have live coverage from verizon center starting tonight on 9news now at 5:00. >> happy birthday to sports reporter dave owen. >> happy birthday, dave! >> coming up, new metro cuts could make the weekend trips longer and more crowded. >> and the virginia senate's redistricting plan has some
6:27 am
unlikely sides joining forces. we'll tell you what they're upset about in prince william county but first, over to angie now with a quick look at traffic. >> we're tracking 395 heading northbound. no incidents. you're definitely slowing down over to seminary. the latest on the inner loop accident. things are improving in virginia. ♪
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any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source
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wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. if you're just waking up, thanks for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. got the umbrella but it is so light out here. it is almost optional. it is not optional in other parts of the area. day planner for this wednesday because we've got some rain around this morning in spots. showers will be diminishing as we go through the day. some drizzle. i can still feel it. by this afternoon, 58 degrees at 5:00. a chance that we'll see a peek or two of sunshine especially south and west. you can see how the rains have been moving in on top of us and mainly west of 95, southern maryland has been quiet now out to the shenandoah valley. southern parts starting to see some clearing. we're looking at live doppler 9000 hd across montgomery county. parts of d.c. as well. hit the wrong button on the
6:32 am
computer. still moderate rain into howard county as well. about to move out of fairfax. grab a jacket also. it is chilly. with mid-40s north. we're 50 degrees. it is damp outside. i'll come back with the seven- day forecast which has some warmer temperatures and your weekend outlook. right now, here's angie goff with some info on this wet wednesday commute. >> we've got a lot of incidents out there. we keep the yellow light on. this is more of an incident report than travel times. there are a few things that are slowing drivers down. the inner loop at route 50, i mention things are improving because the crash activity there at the arlington boulevard exit has cleared out of the way. not the case finish those of who you travel from braddock road past the scene. we're still look at 23 to 25 minutes. on the outer loop near braddock road, that's where i'm getting word of another accident and then on the inner loop near the gw parkway, it is hard to see through the trees. that's where we have the on- ramp from the gw parkway being blocked because of more crash activity. police trying to get that out
6:33 am
of the roadway. we'll keep it in virginia. .take you over to the toll road. travelers headed eastbound do watch out for crash activity off to the right shoulder near route 28 slowing down approaching the scene. maryland, you also have a wreck to watch out for on branch avenue. it falls between brandywine road and birch hill road. it is in the median but still going to want to use caution to get past that. we're checking on your rails as well. metro, vre, marc, all lines running on time. still ahead, we're going to look at more things to avoid on the roadways early this morning. that's at 6:46. mike, andrea, back to you. president obama will unveil his plan for getting the nation's soaring deficit under control. his speech comes five days after the white house and congress worked out a budget deal to keep the government from shutting down. >> this morning, a new poll on the front page of "usa today" shows just how americans feel about that deal. according to the "usa today" gallup poll, 62% of people surveyed approve the deal while just 25% disapprove but the
6:34 am
work is far from done. >> the house and senate are supposed to vote to approve a $38 billion in cuts before the end of the week but the treasury department says that will not be enough to even put a dent in the federal deficit. and tuesday, the head of the influential republican study committee says he will oppose the bill. congressman jim jordan of ohio says voters want lawmakers to aim higher and remember the job they were sent to d.c. to do. >> a decision that seemed passenger-friendly is not sitting well with some northern virginia politicians. last week, the metropolitan washington airport authority voted to build the metro station underground. >> however, local leaders say they can't be shouldering the extra cost to do that below ground station. surae chinn is live at dulles airport with the story this morning. >> good morning to you, mike, andrea. the silver line will extend to tysons corner to reston and eventually here at dulles airport. you know the project has been filled with controversy.
6:35 am
how many stops there will be. who will build it. where it will be built and who's making the decisions and once the decisions are made, a lot of people don't seem very happy about them and this could really define the ridership here at dulles airport. and it could come down to who's more stubborn and who's willing to pay the $300 million to pay this underground metro station here at the airport. last week, mwaa, the metropolitan airport authority voted for the more expensive route. the station would put riders closer to the terminal by 600 feet and cost $300 million more than the cheaper farther away above ground alternative. now, local leaders say they don't want to pay for the decision they didn't make. the local counties combined pay more than the airport's authority yet mwaa has the decision-making power. the $3.5 billion project will be paid mostly by dulles toll revenue. the rest is broken down like
6:36 am
this here on your screen. fairfax county with most of the share at 16%. loudoun county, 5%. airports authority at 4%. county leaders want to convince mwaa to change their minds to build above ground and put you in the elements but toll roads would be down lower if they choose that cheaper option. mwaa still has to respond. they basically say that they don't want to build a second class station at a first class airport. mike, andrea? >> surae chinn reporting live from a very rainy dulles airport. >> metro may have to cut weekend service to help save money but tentative plan calls for longer wait times from metrorail passengers. however, that would lead to more crowding on trains. fare increases are not on the table. metro's board is meeting for a series of public hearings starting may 16th through the 20th. >> new bus lanes linking crystal city and arlington in potomac, alexandria may become
6:37 am
a reality. plans for the link have been in the works for nine years. well, now, the funding has been approved. bus lanes will connect the two areas along jefferson davis highway as well as adjacent streets. construction could start by the end of the year. >> the virginia naacp is joining forces with the conservative chairman of prince william county to fight a state senate redistricting plan they call unfair. the plan splits the county into six senate districts with all but one covering other counties as well. the chairman says the plan will disenfranchise prince william disagree. >> we understand they want to stay entrenched and keep their seats but don't do it at the expense of undermining prince william county. >> they still have two districts controlled by the voters in prince william county which is what the population calls for. and actually, you're much better off if you have six people down there working on your behalf rather than two.
6:38 am
>> prince william county now has a majority population of minorities. and the naacp is worried senators who live in other counties won't understand those issues. >> 6:38 now. an update on the three d.c. firefighters injured battling a fire in northeast last friday. one of the firefighters was released from the hospital last night and is resting at home now. three others are recovering after surgery and should be released soon. they were all hurt fighting this vacant house fire along 48th place and northeast last week. time for another your money report of the morning. >> jessica doyle has the day off. we have some of the business headlines for you right now. more business travelers are taking to the roads and the sky now. a trade group predicts a 7% increase in travel-related purchases as the economy improves. about half of the spending they say will come from more expensive airfare, hotels, car rentals and meals. >> more magazines are moving toward allowing subscriptions on the ipad. bloomberg business week will
6:39 am
join "elle" magazine and maxim magazine when it sells ipad subscriptions. it will run customers about $2.99 a month. the publishers are signing on even though apple doesn't want to share customer data with them. for more your money news, log on to and go to features and click on morning show. the time is 6:39. will we be able to put the umbrellas away any time soon today? howard is up next with his full forecast. >> but before we head to break, let's look at what's coming up tonight on channel 9...
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metropolitan. welcome back to 9news now.
6:44 am
coming up on 6:44, howard bernstein is here. you saw him out on the weather terrace a little while ago. the umbrella up. ready for action. >> it is a challenge to be positive in this. i don't like cold, damp weather. i don't like it at all. >> stop your whining! >> we will be positive because we know it won't be around but for a few hours then things will slowly improve this afternoon and go a lot better. your weekend plans, well, they're mixed. sunday looking a lot better. rain has been moving in especially north. what you're seeing in the last 20, 30 minutes is this northward progression. areas south and west are starting to quiet down. southern maryland, this batch of rain will miss you and you still could get a shower later on but areas north and especially northeast of washington will be more under the gun so to speak. we go over the next couple of hours here then southeast and southwest. look at live doppler 9000 hd, still a few showers there toward dahlgren. light stuff back toward the shenandoah valley and then the yellows. the heavier rains starting to
6:45 am
show up here from just north and west of d.c. through northeastern fairfax county. montgomery and howard county. south and east of town, relatively quiet with a few sprinkles. some patchy drizzle in spots, too. seeing some of that as well. some bona fide moderate to heavy rain falling in areas along 270 coming up toward rockville. as you get into the eastern part of montgomery county back toward germantown, the soccer plex up toward damascus into howard county from fulton. and lisbon in western howard county, back toward mt. airy seeing the moderate to heavy rain showers. all of this lifting off toward the northeast and the back edge, that will start showing up here down toward areas in fredericksburg. your bus stop forecast. we definitely have some showers around. other areas south and east, not nearly as wet. chilly though. 48 to 55. today, the better chance for showers this morning. this afternoon though, showers shut down. 56 by 1:00.
6:46 am
northwest winds at 11:00. northwest winds at 13. an isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out. we had one bolt of lightning earlier this morning that showed up on the lightning detection network. by 5:58 with a chance of a glimmer of sunshine. mid-50s in fredericksburg. we have dipped to 48 damp degrees but clouds only being reported. the rain has shut down at reagan national. northeast winds at 8. storm system will pull away. after today, we'll see improving weather. we've got readings today upper 50s to near 60 with the showers this morning. tomorrow, we start in the 40s. we finish near 70 with sunshine. mid-60s on friday. saturday, we turn wet again. perhaps a few thunderstorms in the mid-60s. monday and tuesday, that's what i'm talking about. sunshine. low 70s. woo! >> give me some skin. hey, everybody. hope you're off to a great start. we're about 14 minutes away from the 7:00 hour. we're keeping the yellow light
6:47 am
on right now because we're still dealing with some incidents. the inner loop accident at the gw parkway, we now know the southbound exit ramp is back open and the crash activity on the beltway is pushed off to the shoulder. meanwhile, drivers are still backed up though from braddock road trying to pass the scene and that's because we had earlier crash activity adding to the delays. maryland, shady grove road approaching the icc. another report of some crash activity, please use caution out this way. on the outer loop, we are still slick out there and very slow. the crash activity is off to the left shoulder past georgia avenue. you're jammed though starting around the 95 exit. 270 headed southbound, things crawling along here from father hurley down to the split. things are only going to get worse considering the wet roads. the inner loop, we're tracking your travel times as we go over to the real time graphics and show you 395 to the dulles toll road. we're looking at 31 minutes and growing eastbound on 66 also very slow from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway
6:48 am
and 267, the crash activity is pushed off to the shoulder. meanwhile, you're ok approaching 495. i've got your top traffic tie- ups of the morning at 6:58. now back to you. thanks, angie. $80 to fill your tank in some cases. the prices at the pump are a pain lately. >> with gasoline costing more than $4 a gallon in some places, you want to make sure you get every drop you're paying for. last year, maryland inspectors checked 30,000 gas pumps. they made sure that pumps dispense exactly what the counter displays. elizabeth says it would be pretty tough for most stations to cheat. there are seals and audit trails. >> as far as the station management doing it on purpose, it is not my impression that they do that. >> not your impression. >> not my impression. >> nearly 19% of the pumps the agriculture department checked last year were in violation. our time is 6:48. up next, a look at today's top
6:49 am
stories before you go. >> one final look of weather and road conditions when we come back. keep it here.
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>> we've got some rain out there. in fact, north of town, month domry, howard county, some heavier rains in spots. as we go through the day, rain showers should shut down.
6:53 am
temperatures get into the upper 50s, even low 60s south and west of town. seven-day forecast in a few minutes. right now, here's mike and andrea. >> 6:53 on the nose. here is a look at the news before you go. president obama will lay out his plan to reduce the federal deficit today. in a speech at george washington university. the president is expected to call for changes in both medicare and medicaid and push for tax increases for the wealthy. >> egyptian prosecutors are investigating hosni mubarak and his two sons to corruption and abuse of authority. the three are being detained for 15 days during the probe. >> the capitals are hosting the new york rangers in game one of the eastern conference quarter final. puck drops at 7:30 at verizon center. "the early show" starts in about six minutes. >> erica hill tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up on "the early show," president obama unveils his plan to cut down the nation's massive debt topping $14 trillion. the plan chus changes to
6:54 am
medicare and raising taxes. we'll have a preview. we'll have republican reaction. house majority leader eric kantor is with us. there are new concerns when it comes to flying. first, of course, safety worries on the ground after the runway collision at jfk earlier this week. and now, new controversy over this video. a 6-year-old girl getting what some consider an invasive pat- down at security. we'll take a look at both issues. there is also some controversy brewing over this picture, a mom and her little guy sharing a moment but some people aren't very happy with the color on his toenails. also ahead, hollywood is full of pretty faces but just who is the most beautiful? "people" magazine will unveil this year's most beautiful person right here coming up on "the early show." mike and andrea, back to you. >> thank you, erica. >> we'll have one more traffic and weather check when 9news now returns.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. it is 6:58 on this wet wednesday morning. showers especially north of town for the next few hours. things will get better this afternoon. we'll dry out some. maybe even see a little sunshine. thursday and friday look nice. more rain saturday, maybe some thunder. sunday, monday and tuesday look ok. angie? >> the beltway is jammed. you're looking at the inner loop at 30 minute commute from braddock road up to 66. thanks to some earlier accidents. outer loop slow around braddock because of an earlier wreck. 25 minutes from the fairfax county parkway to nutley. 270 crawling along from father hurley down to the split. no fun there. at least a half hour drive. andrea? >> after severe weather swept through virginia, one family is thankful the smallest member
6:59 am
survived. >> two tornadoes hit pulaski county costing more than $8 million in damage and injuring a pet chihuahua. he managed to walk away with a fractured leg and a torn ear. terry bishop can't believe his little friend survived the destruction. >> it was a miracle. as much destruction that was done at my house, he shouldn't be alive. >> once doctors put a metal rod in paco's leg, he should be back to his old self in about a month. >> little paco. >> "the early show" is coming up next. >> they'll have a full preview of president obama's plan to reduce our nation's debt. >> i'm so happy about paco. will to survive. howard and myself will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on the weather and traffic. >> you can get your news, weather and traffic anywhere, anytime at >> we're back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great


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